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Sharing my family history work is something I've enjoyed doing most of my life. The creation of a blog for the families that I've done a lot of research is one way I can share. Here's the list of my blogs and a brief description of each one:
  • Aebleskievers and Other Favorites - A family blog started 30 October 2008 devoted to sharing our favorite recipes and ideas to keep the family food budget down. Share your recipes today! Add a picture too! Several family members are contributors to this blog.
  • Benjamin Kingman Curtis Genealogy - A blog to share the stories about the Curtis family, including Ben and Sarah Curtis, their 10 children, and numerous grandchildren. This Curtis family lived in New York, Michigan, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and eventually spread out to many of the western states including, California, Oregon, Washington, and more. The blog will also share the ongoing research for the Benjamin's parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. The search for the names of his parents began with a daughter writing to the National Archives for Benjamin's Civil War records in hopes that within his papers was a record of the names of his parents. Sadly, no mention of his parents were found, so the search continues today.
  • Heart of Story - Started on 13 August 2007, This blog is dedicated to recording the stories of my ancestors and getting to the heart of the story. A moment, an event, a special trigger that caused the stories to be told from generation to generation. For me, that's the heart of the story. My own stories related to searching for my ancestors will be the highlight of this blog.

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