Friday, March 25, 2016

Benjamin Curtis, a Civil War Mounted Rifleman

There was an article published on 10 August 1862 in The Grand Haven news titled, "The Mounted Riflemen." Benjamin was mentioned in the article as being one of 40 men to enlist in the Civil War:

"Capt. A. C. Litchfield is succeeding well in recruiting his company of mounted riflemen. In less than a week after receiving his commission he raised 40 men, and will doubtless succeed during the present week in furnishing his full quota. Offices for recruiting are open at this place, Lamont and Grand Rapids. The following persons have been recruited by Geo. Luther, Esq., at Lamont:

"John Shannan, Oren G. Maxfield, Benjamin Curtis, Warren A. Maxfield, Frederick Harris - Tallmadge." ...

Benjamin enlisted at Lamont and he was from Tallmadge.


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