Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Grandfather Johan Roy Johansen

My grandfather Johan Roy Tolve Johansen is seated on the right. He is five years old. His sister Alma is next to him, the one in the dark colored dress. I love this photo. The "Bough" children were neighbors and their father was a photographer in Ringsted, Iowa when this photo was taken. My grandfather wrote in his scrapbook that the little Bough girl was his "first sweetie" - he had a crush on her! I love all the children's toys in the photo and often wonder if this was a picture taken at Christmas time. I bet his sister Alma got the doll she is holding for a Christmas gift. A lot of stories are buried in this picture and I can only imagine what they were.

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Kathy Morales said...

What a wonderful picture. It does look as though it may have been Christmas. It is fun to see their toys.