Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scanning old letters

Written 14 Aug 1951
Tonight I scanned an entire notebook of old letters and research notes that were collected by my great-grandfather Andrew Hartley and his son Elton Hartley. Total pages scanned is about 200 sheets of paper.

Elton was my grandmother's brother. Two boxes of letters and miscellaneous documents were brought over for me to review when I was in the middle of writing our Hartley family history. I finished the book a couple years ago and I'm still organizing and scanning all the old documents that were in the boxes. I'm glad to say that I'm almost done with the scanning and will be returning the records to the owner in better condition then how I received them.

My favorites were the old letters written in response to an ad in the local newspaper for Bradford, Yorkshire, England. The ads were placed by my great-grand uncle Elton Hartley. I think it's amazing how quickly people responded to queries in the newspaper about the search for his ancestors.